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The business challenges, the non-governmental organization tasks and the building of public values are a lot of things to do and it does not allow enough time or simply the opportunity to perform the tasks of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat (ÉrMe Business Network) membership. One of the reasons for this may be that the date of the club nights is not suitable or there might be other obstacles for someone to get to the venue.

You really want to act, but the time is not suitable for you? Are you tired of travelling so much?


There is a solution!


The opportunity to join actively became possible for us by founding the Circle of Friends of the ÉrMe members.
It is available locally for everyone and it is easy to manage the travelling. It is easier to arrange the right time and adapt to it, because of the small number of people.


We have created the first cell like this in Páty, to create the opportunity for the network members living in our neighbourhood to join actively. We organize presentations, programs and discussions, providing the base for building active and working relationships.


You should form your own circle of friends, to wake up members who are currently not active but interested!

These small energies joining together will give the necessary power for the big machine!


Schumicky András
Founder of the ÉrMe Club in Páty




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