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The aim of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat (ÉrMe Business Network) is to build a network in order to connect people and organizations that participate in the business maintaining the fundamental values of the Christian Hungarians and naturally believe that the goal of their participation in the business is not only to gain success, but to create the material basis of solidarity for the people in need in their narrower or wider environment.


The first organization of the ÉrME, called ÉrMe Klub was formed by six Hungarian entrepreneurs in January 2000, with the aim to create a forum where business men and fellow entrepreneurs could meet, who wanted to operate in the business in line with the fundamental values defined by the Christian Hungarians.


More hundred business men and entrepreneurs have regularly visited the club events since then and what they have in common is that their business decisions are not only driven by profit, but they try to consider other aspects as well.


Today, not only one club in Budapest, but numerous other organizations also belong to the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat, which shows that more and more people want to participate in the development of business relationships based on trust, social responsibility and the activity of communities that provide the framework for these.

Our publication introducing the ÉrMe Business Network in more detail can be found here >>


The Principles of the ÉrMe are set out in the Statutes:





ÉrMe, a Club for Christian Businessmen and Entrepreneurs


ÉrMe Club was set up with a view to establish a network amongst businessmen and organisations that have determined to reconcile their participation in business life with basic Christian and Hungarian values and for whom success is not the sole purpose of business as they have also decided to create a financial background for their solidarity with the most vulnerable in their local and wider environment.


Based on the above, club members are to meet the following four basic criteria:


1. They actively participate in the economic (business) trends in the market ("economic and business trends" being understood in the broadest sense)
2. They fully embrace and actively implement traditional Christian values during their everyday and business activities
3. They claim to be Hungarians, and speak Hungarian.
4. Their participation in ÉrMe Club is founded on Christian charity and love for neighbours.


The working principles of the organisation, i.e. The Christian Business Regulation


1.    Christian - in its content: i.e. does not tolerate any unchristianlike behaviour within. Neither the organisation, nor its members are to cross a moral and ethical line that would not correspond with traditional Christian morality. In ethical issues, all members are to make decisions under their own inner value system.

2.    Christian - in its form:  i.e. the formal elements of Christianity, whether Ecumenical or not, are present in the organisation.

3.    Patient, not confrontational: i.e. in the case a member of the club loses confidence in another member for any reason, he/she is entitled to give up business relations with each-other but not communication. However, he/she will not have the right to call on any other member to behave likewise. Should anybody have any trust loss related issue with another member, he is to turn for advice to a third member of the club whom he/she still has trust in.  The third party consulted should give an honest answer or say nothing.

4.    Open: i.e. anybody who has fully pledged itself with the founding values of ÉrMe and complies with the basic conditions of the club is most welcome to join the Club.

5.    Non-exclusive:
5.1.    Its members are not restricted to deal with business matters, alone.  ÉrMe urges its members to establish relations of no business nature.
5.2.    On the other hand, ÉrMe encourages its members to actively participate in other clubs and organisations, as well.

6.    Result-oriented: the basic objective of the organisation is to foster and assist its members with achieving business success. In order to ensure the common objective, the organisation expects the following types of conduct of its members:
6.1.    Cooperation:  with the basic values (traditional Christian and Hungarian values) and the basic objective (success in business) being common, the Club expects the closest possible cooperation among its members.
6.2.    Building relationship of trust: Establishing and maintaining trust in one another is the main approach among Club members. Becoming a member is the first step towards recognition, availability and building trust.
6.3.    Altruism, the welfare of the community: A community can grant as much to its members as its members had granted to it. The same applies to ÉrMe, too.
6.4.    Selfless efforts to ensure the principle of reciprocity
6.5.    Active behaviour: ÉrMe expects its members to be as active as possible in accordance with their talents and abilities.
6.6.    Financial support: ÉrMe members are expected to provide financial support and contribute to the realization of the jointly defined fundamental goals.


Budapest, January 2001




Exclusive publication introducing the ÉrMe Business Network


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