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ÉrMe Construction Industry Round-table


The ÉrMe Építőipari Kerekasztal (ÉrMe Construction Industry Round-table), which was founded in the spring of 2013, is an association to promote the cooperation between the construction companies of interest to the members of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat. Contrary to the general opinion about the construction industry, the companies of the round-table consider high quality, reliable work and fair cooperation with the Client highly important. It is in this spirit, that the members of the round-table offer their decent services.


The companies of the round-table know and are aware of each other through their ÉrMe membership. The companies of the round-table manage and do their business considering Christian values bearing in mind the Hungarian interests.


Members support each other and complement each other's work in the market, so if someone chooses a business partner form this circle, he/she can expect the partners to be constructive with each other.


The services and supplies of the round-table largely cover the full range of the construction industry services, thus the Customer can obtain the necessary services from one place (from the companies of the round-table) and thanks to the values of the ÉrMe and the round-table, the quality is guaranteed!


The brochure presenting the services of each member of the round-table has been prepared, and it is available in printed form for those who are interested in the services (contact person: Dózsa Gergely, gergodozsa[at] ). You can download it from our website (in Hungarian) >>




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The digital version can be downloaded from our website.


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