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The ÉrtékeMegőrző Üzlet- és Vállalkozásfejlesztő Közhasznú Társaság (Value Preserving Business and Enterprise Development Public Company) (ÉrMe Kft.) was established in May 2006, in order to support and foster the development of ethical and moral projects and companies that seeking also a decent profit. The owners consider it as their business activity for the public benefit rather than an investment. The goal was to create a value-oriented, business coordinating and developing organization, which combines the benefits arising from confidence and professional business activities while maintaining ethical grounds.


Following the legislation changes, the ÉrMe Kft. was transformed in June 2009, changing its name as well to ÉrtékTeremtő Kft. (Value Creating Ltd.), which expresses its goals better. The ÉrtékTeremtő Kft. is the organizer, coordinator and developer of the joint and institutional business cooperation of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat members. Its purpose is to create a background and basis for the launch of new businesses, the preparation of new business ideas and support those within its capabilities especially in the early phase. When determining the enterprise business policies, the company considers not only the profit aspects but other aspects as well, however the goal is the profitable operation.


Bank account number: 10700495-43872406-51100005

Company registry number: 01-09-921392

VAT number: 22296157-2-41

Contact e-mail address:

Managing Director: Petneházy Balázs




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